Sharing Stories. Creating Connections.

What we do

StoryProjects helps community organisations and businesses achieve stronger outcomes by integrating storytelling into project design, delivery and evaluation. We work with creative professionals across a range of mediums and customise projects to meet client needs.

More StoryProjects

We create community arts development projects that celebrate local stories, connect people, start conversations and ultimately, strengthen communities.

Our brains are naturally wired to recall stories so StoryProjects has developed a suite of story-centred tools that strengthen team cohesion and get more out of marketing & communications.

Building monitoring and evaluation into program delivery improves decision-making and maximises program outcomes, but working out how to capture evidence can be challenging.


Reach new audiences and keep them engaged through innovative and entertaining stories

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Equip clients with new knowledge, skills and confidence through applied learning

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Monitor and improve program outcomes using story-centred methods

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Get better results by building stories into planning, delivery and evaluation 

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